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Why should I take OProCyn High-Potency OPC Formula? opc-path-front-oprocyn

OProCyn™ Total Body Defense – High Potency OPC Formula contains twice (2X) the level of active OPC ingredients than other leading competitors. The unique combination and potency of the ingredients brought together in OProCyn not only act as potent antioxidants, but also promote your body’s production of its OWN (endogenous) natural antioxidants, bringing you the latest nutritional science for a multi-pronged approach to fighting the aging process. Research shows that OProCyn’s ingredients are key players in managing the way in which many of our genes function, both helping to promote beneficial functions, while helping to inhibit non-beneficial ones.

Each dose of OProCyn High-Potency OPC Formula contains the highest level of OPCs of any nutritional supplement on the market today.  OPCs are among the most valuable constituents of a healthy human diet.  These ingredients are combined with carefully balanced quantities of potassium and other natural components, which together set up our pH-balanced, isotonic delivery system in order to bring you superior absorption when taken as directed on an empty stomach.

TWICE the active ingredients as other leading brands

OProCyn is priced to be of more value per dose than other leading brands

OProCyn’s ingredients are sourced without compromising quality, integrity or purity

Top 10 OProCyn Health

Through extensive research, the ingredients in OProCyn ingredients have been scientifically demonstrated to benefit the following heath areas:


  1. Skin Health:
    Anti-aging:  Protect Skin from Oxygen Radical Damages for Younger-Looking Skin and support of Collagen and Elastin Structure
  2. Cardiovascular Health:
    Healthy Platelet Aggregation, Healthy Circulation, Vascular Health, Maintaining Normal Blood Pressure Level
  3. Body Weight Management for Slimming and fat loss
  4. Diabetic Support:
    Supporting Normal Blood Sugar Levels and Capillary Microcirculation
  5. Optimized Immune Support:
    Supports Sinus Health (Allergy) and Helping Prevent Inflammation
  6. Supporting Healthy Bone Structure and Joints
  7. Dental and Periodontal (Gum) Health
  8. Vision Support
  9. Healthy Male Sexual Function and Sperm Health
  10. Menstrual and Menopause Support

How quickly can my body benefit from High-Potency OProCyn?

Because of OProCyn’s rapid absorbability and superior cellular bioavailability, the body gains benefit almost immediately. Two key factors are necessary in OProCyn’s superior delivery methods:

  1. When mixed with the designated amount of water, the liquid is “isotonic,” which means it duplicates the environment in our cells and blood stream regarding pH, electrolytes, etc. When taken on an empty stomach, this isotonic balance minimizes the production of stomach acid and digestive enzymes which could degrade the nutrient value and enables the nutrients in OProCyn to enter the body easily and with a high level of bioavailability.
  2. It is simply not enough to just be “isotonic.” Just because a nutrient is passing through the intestinal wall, does not guarantee that it can enter and benefit you on a cellular level – which is the important part. The high level of active components must also be used. Because of the high quality ingredients in OProCyn, it contains the highest level of active, beneficial components (oligomers and monomers) per dose of any OPC supplement on the market today – only these high levels can give you the cellular availability to benefit your body.

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What Client’s Say

I have suffered for so many years and years with allergies and chronic sinus infections. Within days I was off several prescriptions that I had been on for years and now have NO meds. I am so excited to be able to breathe through my nose. I am a believer! Thank you!!
Jamie, OProCyn
It is really easy to forget pain when you don’t have it. My joints, especially hips and knees, have had a burn-ache type feeling for more years than I care to count. I am walking without any pain and wouldn’t have believed it if I was listening to my own story. Who would have thought. I am so happy to have my legs moving again. Thank you for doing something that really helps so well.
Ernest, Oprocyn
I can’t believe how much better I feel and how much more energy I have. Best of all, everyone around me is catching colds and I am STILL clear. I used to catch everything. I am guessing my immune system is stronger but this stuff is really amazing. It’s not often you actually can feel a product do its job. So exciting and I am so grateful. Thank you!
Sheryl, Oprocyn

What sets OProCyn High-Potency OPC Formula
Apart from other Bioflavonoid Products?

This science-driven selection of high level of OPCs is unique to OProCyn. OProCyn contains the highest available purity and potency OPC ingredients from leading specialty research companies. This guarantees OProCyn’s quality. In addition to being powerful antioxidants, these individual OPCs have been shown to provide multiple, specific health benefits. OProCyn is also verified to be Isotonic capable in its delivery system, which enables rapid and highly efficient absorption of the OPCs. With this foundation of exceptional quality ingredients, OProCyn also has more of these ingredients packed into a single serving than any other products on the market — OProCyn contains at least twice (2X) the level of OPCs per dose compared to the leading brands. This results in a high-potency, high-value formula that is designed for integrity-driven results.


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