Our Philosophy & Promise

Our mission is to create highly functional products for real, everyday people.

It is hard to be happy and at peace when we are tired and not feeling well. At Advanced Functional Nutrition, we are designing products and systems to target our “layers” of well-being, helping us all to get healthier – one step at a time.

When designing our products, we understand that quality and science must come together to ensure proper results. We will never compromise on quality of ingredients – and regardless of cost, we will always provide products at the best possible prices. In fact, we absolutely guarantee the quality of everything we bring to you.

Only through great quality and fair prices can we help to improve the health of the greatest number of people. This, along with the education to empower true results, is our promise to you.

Our products are designed with a commitment to truly transforming the health and wellness of those who want, need, and deserve a better chance at wellness. We will not compromise the quality, ingredient selection or volume of active ingredients needed to generate results. Our formulas are based on science-proven facts and formulated to those specifications. Our customers’ needs come first and we will never stray from our belief in doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Commitment to Changing The World By Putting People First

As a company, we are very aware that our “progressive” modern way of life has resulted in an environment (our air, food supply, stress, etc.) which is contributing to making us sick, tired, stressed and overweight.

We recognize this is not a local problem, but a global issue – one in which we are participating to help offer a solution, one step at a time, through nutrition, diet, education and one-on-one support.

We seek to reverse the effects of our modern diet and environment, and as a result, boost the health, energy and self-esteem of our valued clients.