Weight Loss – a “side effect” of Good Health!

Obesity is an epidemic. We are being taught to eat a balance of foods that is not compatible with our human genetics — our caveman genetics which are tens of thousands of years old. The high carbohydrate diet is at the heart of the metabolic dysfunction that we term the Metabolic Syndrome, which includes obesity, cardiovascular disease, and high levels of unhealthy cholesterol (high triglycerides and “bad” LDL cholesterol is primarily a result of carbohydrate intake). With an estimated 80% of us born genetically predisposed to insulin resistance, it is no wonder that our population is so overweight and sick —  this includes our children! We are not genetically capable to handle high loads of simple carbohydrates and we need healthy fats and oils in our diet (this fat does NOT include vegetable oil from seeds and grains — i.e., soy, corn, etc). Just because you are not overweight does not mean you are not insulin resistant. You can exercise the extra fat away, but you cannot change the fact that a high-carb/”wrong” fat diet will still challenge your insulin resistant genetics, produce excessive free radical damage (oxidative stress) and result in Type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Even elite athletes are succumbing to Type II Diabetes and cardiovascular disease due to years of extreme “carb loading,” which was once recommended as healthy for them.

Weight Loss

We are all born with a predisposition for insulin resistance. It is based of our genetics, and is exacerbated by a high carb lifestyle and gets worse as we age. Insulin resistance is not the disease — the metabolic disease is caused by a lifestyle, primarily our diets, which are not accommodated by our genetics. Even if you are thin and exercise frequently you can still be severely insulin resistant and have metabolic dysfunction, or what is termed Metabolic Syndrome (which includes the risk factors for related conditions such as high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and cholesterol, abnormal deposits and distribution of fats in the arteries, insulin resistance, high levels of inflammation, and increased blood clotting tendencies). Obesity raises the risk for developing Metabolic Syndrome. But, it is important to understand that we (adults, adolescents and children) do not have to be victims of our genetic tendencies. What we need is some correct guidance to make better choices and a tiny bit of willpower to make the change – and starvation is NOT one of the healthy choices. There is a solution for you and your family!