Dental/Periodontal/Oral Health

Dental health is one of the most important health areas to which we all must pay particular attention.  The reason is that our oral health has been found to be closely linked with our cardiovascular health.  The vast array of research indicates that the polyphenols contained in OProCyn may support oral health through a number of mechanisms, such as:

  • The analysis of the literature supports the anti-bacterial role of grape seed polyphenols on cariogenic (dental cavity-producing) bacteria suggesting (1) a direct effect against these specific (S.mutans) bacteria; (2) an interaction with microbial membrane proteins inhibiting the adherence of bacterial cells to the tooth surface; and (3) the inhibition of enzymes which breakdown sugar and starch (glucosyl transferase and amylase, all of which can promote tooth decay.
  • Grape seed extract reduces biofilms (complex, impenetrable bacterial colonies) on teeth which can lead to gingivitis (gum inflammation) and tooth decay.
  • Grape seed extract aids in the preservation of the stability of dentin collagen (inner tooth material) and accelerating the conversion of soluble collagen to insoluble collagen, helping to prevent tooth decay.
  • Grape seed extract promotes the remineralization of dentin collagen, which is the scaffold for mineral deposition in teeth required for health tooth structure (inclusive of enamel).
  • Grape seed extract supports the structure of the tooth after bleaching and prior to bonding procedures, effectively neutralizing the deleterious effects of bleaching and increasing the bond strength significantly.
  • Remineralization is an effective treatment that may stop or reverse early tooth decay.  Grape seed extract is a natural cross-linking agent for stabilizing collagen matrices in dentine as well as and soft tissue.
  • Grape seed extract may also play a role in decreasing collagen digestibility by its inhibitory effect on proteases such as intrinsic metalloproteinases, thus decreasing degradation rates of both the sound and caries-affected dentine.
  • Grape seed extract may have a differentially anti-proliferative function against oral cancer cells via differential apoptosis, oxidative stress and DNA damage.

Oral health encompasses the health of gum tissue, teeth and a healthy control of bacteria in the mouth. Research shows that the ingredients in OProCyn help support oral health in all three of these key areas.


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