This science-driven selection of high level of OPCs is unique to OProCyn. OProCyn contains the highest available purity and potency OPC ingredients from leading specialty research companies. This guarantees OProCyn’s quality. In addition to being powerful polyphenols, these individual OPCs have been shown to provide multiple, specific health benefits. OProCyn is also verified to be isotonic capable in its delivery system, which enables rapid and highly efficient absorption of the OPCs. With its foundation of exceptional, quality ingredients, OProCyn also has more active OPCs packed into a single serving than any other product on the market — in fact, OProCyn contains at least twice (2X) the level of OPCs per dose compared to the leading brands. The result is a high-potency, high-value formula that is designed for integrity-driven results.

Also, just because a nutrient is passing through the intestinal wall, does not guarantee that it can enter and benefit you on a cellular level – which is the important part. Because of the high quality of OPC ingredients used in OProCyn, it contains the highest level of active, beneficial components (Oligomers and Monomers) per dose of any OPC supplement on the market todayonly these high levels can give you the cellular bioavailability to benefit your body. It is simply not enough to just be “isotonic.” The high level of active components must also be in there!

We proudly give you this information on our ingredients, because you deserve to know. If your supplement provider does not give you this information, maybe you should ask why they do not.