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OProCyn™ Total Body Defense is a high-powered isotonic antioxidant formula that provides exceptional quality, value and benefit for the entire family. OProCyn’s ingredients contain highly-concentrated OPCs and unmatched quality. Higher levels of active ingredients mean a more powerful product and better value. OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) are the most powerful anti-aging nutrients known to modern science.*

OProCyn™ stands out with its exacting formulation, which uses the latest technology in isotonic delivery to maximize and accelerate its absorption into your cells.* Tablets and lower quality ingredients cannot match the benefits of our true isotonic absorption.*

Product Benefits

— Powerful Isotonic Antioxidant*
— Supports healthy immune system*
— Helps maintain joint health*
— Supports healthy blood glucose levels*
— Helps maintain youthful skin*
— Promotes cardiovascular health*