Dental/Periodontal/Oral Health

Dental health is one of the most important health areas to which we all must pay particular attention.  The reason is that   oral health has been found to be closely linked with our cardiovascular or heart health and more recently to Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis and Prostate disorders (Prostatitis). Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disorder that causes gum tissue to pull away from teeth, allowing bacteria to accumulate and trigger an inflammatory reaction that leads to the loss of bone tissue and teeth. Gum disease begins when bacteria gather to form a “Biofilm” that coats tooth surfaces at or below the gum line.These bacteria emit toxins that stimulate the inflammatory response leading to gingivitis. Eventually, if the source of the inflammation is not brought under control, the process can result in the destruction of alveolar or supportive bone structures that play a critical role in anchoring teeth firmly in place. As these retaining tissues break down, once firm teeth become loose, leading to increasing inflammation, loss of bone and finally dental extraction. Poor dental hygiene can lead to bleeding gums, providing bacteria with an escape route into the bloodstream, where they can initiate platelet aggregation and initiate intra-vascular blood clots leading to cardiovascular disease.

The vast array of research indicates that the polyphenols contained in OProCyn may support oral health through a number of mechanisms,