LifeKubes – Dark Chocolate (21 meals) (1 wk Supply)

LifeKubes – Dark Chocolate (21 meals) (1 wk Supply)


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Contains 21 meals with of LifeKubes!!! LifeKubes are a ketogenic snack that help ensure success in achieving the fat-burning results of a ketogenic lifestyle.

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LifeKubes Ketogenic Snack:  Dark Cocoa

This one-week supply of LifeKubes includes the equivalent of 21 meals worth of LifeKubes!  With 21 packs of 4, you have 3 meals a day for less than the cost of a fancy cup of coffee!  Fat loss has never been easier!

LifeKubes are an all-natural, whole food, organic ketogenic snack that is scientifically designed to support a Ketogenic lifestyle. This shockingly tasty snack can work as an appetizer, mid-day snack or even replace a meal — making it EASY to succeed in your lifestyle shift.

LifeKubes come in two flavors, Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Almond — giving you a great tasting healthy snack that helps your body burn off fat!

Fat storage or fat burning – that is your quickest definition.  Your body can NOT store fat and burn fat at the same time – it is one or the other. Your body looks for glucose (converted from sugar/carbs) first…before anything else. As long as there is glucose in your system, your body will consume that first.  When glucose has been depleted, the body converts to using ketones for energy – which comes from fat and correct conversion in the liver.

When you convert your body chemistry into a successful ketogenic state, you are using fat for energy!  Side effects of a ketogenic lifestyle may include increased energy, better sleep, fat loss, increased mental clarity, improved endurance, improved sports performance, lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides, improved mood, lower inflammation and who knows – maybe even longer life! Enjoy!